Friday, May 6, 2011

Hi – This is Randy Rolfe wishing you a happy Mother’s Day! We all have or had mothers and they gave us life. That is something to be truly grateful for. And then for most of us there has been so much more! I am finishing a book for Mothers who have lost their Mothers, called Moms Losing Moms – The Empty Castle Blues. So I am thinking even more than usual about my Mother and all she meant to me. This day gives us a chance to dwell in that place of appreciation. If your Mother is still here, let hre know how much you appreciate her. If she is gone, take time to remember all the little things and the big ones that endeared her to you. I am so glad I got in touch with my Mother on each Mother’s Day, sent her a mushy card, and let he know I was glad she was my Mother. If your children call or send cards or give you an extra hug, embrace the moment and feel good about yourself. There is no more important role in the world than Mother. I just launched my first show as host, called Family First, now archived at My Mother would have been so tickled. She loved seeing me on TV espousing healthy family relationships, since she was a sociologist herself and taught me from an early age that healthy families were the key to a healthy society and a healthy world. I am so happy too that she got to know her grandchildren and her first great grandchild. So whatever you do to celebrate this Sunday, enjoy giving and receiving love.

Randy Rolfe’s Take Home Tip: Extra hugs all around for Mothers! Have fun and enjoy.

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