Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Can You Avoid Toxic Chemicals in Your Home?

Can You Clean Your Home Without Using Dangerous Chemicals?

The news today is filled with stories of the increasing incidence of allergies, asthma, attention problems in kids, and other conditions which have been found to be related to the increasing load of toxic chemicals in our environment. And the Environmental Protection Agency has concluded that many of these chemicals are inside our homes rather than outside. For example, indoor air can be up to 17 times as polluted as outdoor air. Many of these toxic chemicals are in the cleaning products we bring into our homes thinking we are making our homes healthier. Can we clean without using toxic chemicals? My guest today is Vince Elliott, a longtime leader, teacher, and innovator in the science of cleaning. His passion is to understand the real concerns of actual consumers of cleaning services and to help them create a toxic-free, chemical free environment in the home, school and workplace, both for health and for our eco-system. A few simple changes can make a big difference.

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Vince Elliott is Founder and CEO of The Chemical Free Cleaning Network, located in Baltimore, Maryland. Vince has worked as a consultant and advisor to the cleaning industry since 1973. He is one of the first to apply the concept of “performance based contracting” and to use the cleaning measurement sciences in the real estate industry. Vince has helped negotiate over 530 building service contracts, for cleaning services worth nearly half a billion dollars. A graduate in Economics from Towson University, Vince has a Master of Health Sciences from Johns Hopkins University. He has been a university professor teaching service management strategies and has received numerous awards, including the prestigious Apgar Award for Excellence by the National Association of Corporate Real Estate Executives (NACORE), and Cleaning Management Magazine’s “Outstanding Service Award." He is
author of the book EXTREME GREEN CLEANING, with its second edition appearing soon.

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Monday, August 22, 2011

Mothers stressed for time and finances?

Family First VoiceAmerica™

Click on this link and you can learn about how millions of mothers are starting their own home-based businesses to solve many of the problems of modern family life. I, Randy Rolfe will be interviewing Julie Tara, a professional ballet dancer and energy medicine educator who has build a very successful business all form her home. If you go to this link you can listen live this Friday at 1 PM PT or 4 PM ET or 2 PM MT, or any time after on your PC or downloadable as MP3 for your handheld. More mothers are successful in their new businesses than the average new business because of the smaller start-up and on-going expenses and also the convenience where they can blend their home and business life the best way for their famiy. Do listen in - you will hear great insights!

Take Home Tips from Randy Rolfe: As a mother you have the right to be able to balance your work and home life. If you are frazzled and losing sleep, do start investigating the opportunities for home-based business ownership. Don't quit your day job right away, but investigate opportunities and fit it in with your family's cooperation until your income is where you want it to be from your home business. I have worked from home most of my parenting years and am so glad I did!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Family Stress - Can Meditation Help?

We hear every day about kids overwhelmed by school and sports schedules, by stress from cliques and bullies in school, by fears of failure or violence, by melodrama online, by pressures from family and friends, by self-image problems, by emotional eating, by poor sleep habits, and even by worry over the economy and the environment. Can something as simple as meditation practice make a difference? Is it something you can teach to kids? And will they take to it? My guest today, Dina Colada, is not only an accomplished teacher of meditation and a master in a number of other modalities for building a more amazing life, but she is also a mother who has found meditation very useful in her family. She will not only share with us how to introduce the practice and ways it can be beneficial and any cautionary tips, but she will also lead some short meditations for us during the show so that you can try them yourself right away. So do listen in!

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Randy Rolfe's Take Home Tip: Take a minute or two every hour or two to center and relax. It's good for the moods, for the eyes, for the attention span, and for your sanity! Meditation is a more deliberate and highly developed version of this natural means of styaing in touch with your true self. Your listening skills improve, your responses are calm, and you will fee more in control of any situation in the home.
Check out the helpful scenarios described in the new edition of Randy Rolfe's book, The Seven Secrets of Successful Panrets. Go to www.sevensecretsofsuccessfulparents to find out more.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Emotional intelligence can be taught!

Many of us parents leave it to the schools to teach our children the academic smarts which will help get them into good schools or land them a good job. And we assume that their IQ, or intellectual smarts, is mostly genetic. But what about emotional smarts? Can it be measured? Can it be taught? Might it be a better predictor of future success than IQ or academic standing? What is its impact on the relationships at work and at home which can have the greatest impact on our happiness and success? Is this a kind of smarts we parents can and should foster in our children? My guest today is Harvey Deutschendorf, a trained expert in evaluating and teaching emotional intelligence. He coaches people in both their personal and business life to improve their recognition and management of their emotions in ways that can dramatically improve their lives, and in a surprisingly short time. Tune in to find out how a few simple changes can make a big difference in your work and family life. If you can't llisten live, be sure and listen to the archived show - anytime or your PC or downloadable as an MP3. Let's help our children have the saavy they need to succeed!

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Harvey Deutschendorf is passionate about Emotional Intelligence and its impact on our lives and is author of the book THE OTHER KIND OF SMART, Simple Ways to Boost Your Emotional Intelligence for Greater Personal Effectiveness and Success. Harvey shares his passion in numerous presentations and to international audiences. He is certified to administer the Bar-On EQI, the first scientifically validated test for emotional intelligence approved by the American Psychological Association. Harvey comes from an extensive background in Career Development and Social Work, and he is a member of the Human Capital Institute, The Writer’s Guild of Alberta, and Toastmasters. Harvey is also a member of the Mankind Project, a men’s organization dedicated to personal improvement and community service. His mission is to help people bring more power and joy into their lives. He enjoys music, mountain hiking, travel, movies, red wine, and sharing with friends. He lives in Edmonton, Alberta CANADA.

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Take Home Tip from author and speaker Randy Rolfe: Emotional intelligence is mostly learned from parents. So take the time to process your own reactions as a parent and try to respond constructively and authentically to each situation with your child. Modeling emotional intelligence is the best way to help kids develop it themselves. Imitation is the greatest teacher - especially between parent and child. Pick up a copy of the new edition of my book THE SEVEN SECRETS OF SUCCESSFUL PARENTS and you will find oodles of examples of situations where emotional intelligence comes into play. And get a copy of Harvey's book while you are at it: THE OTHER KIND OF SMART, Simple Ways to Boost Your Emotional Intelligence for Greater Personal Effectiveness and Success.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Help your child see a positive future!

Be sure to listen in to Randy Rolfe's, that's me, inteview with Dawn Mazzone, for an amazing array of resources your chilc can use to educate himself or herself about current activities to create sustainable futures. These resources would be fabulous for school science or policy papers! Your child can't think of a fun project? Have her or him listen to this show and they will get excited! A mall modeled on a termite mound design? Wow!

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Family First

Environmental Awareness for Kids - Without Scaring Them Too Much!

Almost every day we hear of another manmade environmental problem and our children are at risk for thinking it’s hopeless to try to reverse some of the destructive trends or develop sustainable communities for the future. Yet we want our children to grow up with a sense of responsibility to the environment on which we depend for life. How do we do this without scaring them to death? And what do they think of us, the adults, who have let our economic system proceed with so little “green” consciousness? Today we will be speaking with Dawn Mazzone, sustainability advocate and expert, about this idea of living together sustainably and about the practices and thinking needed in our homes and within our families for bringing forth a more sustainable - living greater - community. Dawn is one of the growing number of thought leaders building the momentum of social change in which business performance is responsible environmentally and socially and our children are the future of business. Learn More »

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Randy Rolfe's Take Home Tip: To nurture your child's sense of responsibility towards our environment, avoid sharing every bit of bad news, but rather share the good news of how companies and groups are leading the way in changing the way we do things. help them search on the web for zero waste manufacturing, low carbon footprint buildings, where the local recycling center is, how to reduce packaging, and so on. Help them reflect on the issues they are most interested in and support them in finding ways to move forward in that field.