Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Surprise sources of toxins in the home

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Technology has given us a great number of conveniences for our lifestyles, but those very same technologies can have a negative impact on our health and our environment. This technological impact is nowhere more evident than in our society's penchant to utilizing synthetic cleaning chemicals in our commercial and residential buildings. A great deal of research and testing has gone into the development of a variety of technological solutions to this pervasive pollution from our cleaning processes, and these innovations have been grouped under the umbrella of a revolution in the way we can clean our buildings, led by my guest this week, Vince Elliott, considered the leading expert on developing safe cleaning strategies for the home and workplace. Studies have shown a link between common cleaning agents and serious threats like asthma, allergies, immune deficiency, heart disease, and cancer. Find out how to protect your family from toxins and have a home which is truly clean and healthy.

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Vince Elliott, B.S., M.H.S., established The Chemical Free Cleaning Network in Baltimore after four decades of professional experience in developing innovative cleaning strategies. He has brought disparate technologies and strategies under one connected organization to benefit building proprietors, janitorial services, homeowners, and our ecosystem as a whole. Chemical Free Cleaning strives to provide a systematic solution to man-made chemical pollution and the presence of artificial substances. Vince is a pioneer in applying “performance based contracting” and the cleaning measurement sciences. Vince has helped negotiate over 530 cleaning service contracts. A graduate in Economics from Towson University, Vince has a Master of Health Sciences from Johns Hopkins University. He has been a university professor in management strategies and has received numerous awards. He is author of the Extreme Green Cleaning Book Digest and the ebook A Chemical Free Cleaning Guide for Your Home.

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Randy Rolfe's Take Home Tips: Comon household chemicals used in cleaning are often toxic. conventional wisdom has been that the quantities are small enough that the effects are minimal. But when you add them all together with the other pollutants in our environments, the cumulative burden on our immune, detoxification, and elimination systems is ever growing, and can be the cause of many unexpected health problems, especially in the elderly and for our kids. Old standbys like vinegar, baking soda, Bon Amis, Borax, and natural soaps do just fine, along with a bit of "elbow grease," that is, scrubbing by hand.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Help your family feel more centered!

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Today it is easy to get caught up in the day-to-day preoccupations of work, bills, family events, public affairs, sports interests, and more. It seems hard to find time to meditate, relax, or participate in the more enduring aspects of life, the spiritual connection between us all and also our surroundings. My guest Tony Samara is a world-renowned spiritual teacher who believes that becoming more aware of the spiritual element in life right
now can help with all those other concerns and bring more peace and joy to every day life. On Family First this week Tony will share his insights on how we are living at a crucial moment in humanity's transformation and we can no longer wait for someone else, or something else, to do something. He will explain how the creative power of each individual allows us to put things into practice now, in a more proactive and participatory way. Listen in for some valuable wisdom and practical tools for making our lives freer, more fun, and more meaningful.

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Tony Samara is the author of Shaman’s Wisdom, From the Heart, Different Yet the Same, and Deeper than Words. He was born in England and grew up in Egypt and also in Norway, where he discovered the Zen Buddhist philosophy. This led him to the Mount Baldy Zen Center in California, where he studied the teachings of Kyozan Joshu Sasaki. To explore further the essence of spirituality he visited shamanic communities around the globe
including in the Amazon River region and the Andes Mountains. Centered now in Germany, his spiritual teaching now attracts people from around the world and through the Internet. His purpose is to encourage all to lead their daily lives actively in a noble way in order to realize the evolution of human consciousness, joy, and real freedom. Unlike some spiritual teachers, Tony teaches that food and eating are fundamental to our inner well eing. Healthy, energized food helps us to create a strong foundation that allows inner work and transformation to take place.

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Randy Rolfe's Take home Tips: There is always time in a family's day to stop moving, take a deep breath, look around you, appreciate all your blessings, and let the universe reinvigorate your life, your health, and your communications. Begin now to model that kind of centering for your children and all your loved ones.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Why homeschool?

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Our news is filled with the challenges in today’s schools, including peer pressure, precocious sex and drinking, drugs, drop-outs, learning differences, burned out teachers, bullying, poor test scores, too much about fashion and cliques, budget cutbacks, violence, smart phone distractions, and more. Many parents are looking for alternatives. For some, charter schools or online schools seem the answer. Others push for school reforms at the district, state and federal levels. More and more families are considering homeschooling. My guest this week is Peter Bergson, one of the pioneers in the homeschooling movement. He founded Open Connections with his wife Susan Shilcock in 1978 and has been a leader in the theory and practice of what he calls “open education.” He will share his own path to homeschooling as well as the many reasons parents are considering home schooling and the many options parents have in structuring a truly nurturing environment for their kids of any age.

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Peter Bergson is the father of 4 and grandfather of 5 homeschoolers/ unschoolers. In 1978, he and his wife, Susan Shilcock, who passed away in 2005, opened Open Connections, a preschool/kindergarten program. Soon
they became friends with John Holt and “OC” morphed into a resource center for self-directed learners ages 4 to 18. OC currently flourishes on a 28-acre campus in suburban Philadelphia, serving a 100 homeschooling/ unschooling families with programs to help young people to pursue their interests in a community that nurtures collaboration and creativity. Peter and Susan co-authored Open Connections: The OTHER Basics,
and he created an instruction manual titled Spaces for Children: Learning Environments for Work and Play.. Having retired as OC’s Executive Director, Peter serves on the Board, writes articles for The OC Magazine, works on a future book titled Parenting for Pleasure, promotes the “open education” concept, and loves his two full days weekly spent with his grand-ones.

To hear Peter Bergson's wisdom after almost 30 years helping families to home educate their children, go to: Listen live this Friday or any time afterwards at this site.

Randy Rolfe's Take home Tip: No matter what a child's school experience, the parents are the first and most influential teachers. So be careful what you teach! Humans learn primarily by doing and usually by doing which they see others do. So the example you set in everything you do will have a huge influence on your child. Read in front of them and with them, talk about important issues and interesting events with them, be physically active with them and live a healthy lifestyle. These will set your child up for a successful and happy life.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What Your Teeth Want You to Know!

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Listen in this week to hear what your teeth want you to know and find out how to protect your child's teeth from unnecessary toxins which are still used in many dental offices!We see shiny white smiles on our TV and movie stars, but what about our own teeth? What keeps them healthy and beautiful for a life-time? What if the conventional methods of caring for teeth could be causing tooth breakage, toxic leakage, neurological disorders, memory loss, inflammation, and even environmental degradation? More than thirty years ago, experts began urging that safer new methods be adopted but most people still don’t know about them. My guest this week on Family First is Dr. Donald Robbins, a graduate and former instructor from the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine. He has practiced dentistry for 35 years and has developed the BioSafeDentistry system, which helps protect the patient, dentist and staff from dangerous chemicals often used in dentistry. He is author of the new book, The Toxic Dental Office –How to Protect Yourself and Your Family, and he will share with us the information we need to choose the healthiest dental care for our family.
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Dr. Donald Robbins has measured the toxic mercury vapor exposure from “silver” amalgam fillings in his patients’ mouths for over 7 years. He presented his findings to the North American College of Clinical Toxicology and also to the FDA Dental Products panel in DC. He appeared on NBC10 News to rebut the ADA’s claim that such fillings are safe. His was the cover story in the magazine Doctor of Dentistry, and he hosts his own radio show about dentistry. He lectures widely and writes for the dental page for the national autism organization ARI and DANS ( He advocated strongly for the informed patient consent bill which passed in Philadelphia. He is a Fellow in the Academy of General Dentistry, master in the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, former diplomat of the American Academy of Pain Management, and former fellow of the International College of CranioMandibular Orthopedics. He founded the 4 Learning Group, LLC, and the Dental Training Center.
To hear Dr. Robbins' great information about how to protect your family's teeth and health, listen in Friday at 4 PM ET (1 PM PT) or any time afterwards at:
Randy Rolfe's Take Home Tip: As parents it is our job to really look into all aspects of our family's health, because governments, trade associations, and even health professionals do not have all the answers and cannot know your needs and condition or philosophy of health as well as you do. Be proactive, ask questions, and engage professionals who are happy to answer all your questions and keep you fully informed of all your options.