Wednesday, June 22, 2011

How Your Home Spaces Can Improve Family Mood!

This Friday July 24, 2011 I, please listen in as I Randy Rolfe, have the pleasure of interviewing Denny Daileler, international expert on creating environments which foster comfort, respect, productivity, peace, chesiveness and great family relationships! Here's the link:

The show is also archived and downloadable at your convenience.

Small changes can make a big difference in how your familoy members interact. Ask your children how they would like to rearrange the familoy room for example. This gets them to invest in the arrangement and to feel they have some say. Also, let them arrange their bedrooms, within your comfortable limits.

Take Home Tips from World Ambassador for Family Randy Rolfe: Keep fresh air in each room and comfortable chairs for each member of the famiy. Use bright and light relaxing colors so that indoors the family is surrounded with as much full spectrum light as possible.
To learn more about taking care of children's basic needs by tending to their physical environment, see Randy's book The Seven Secrets of Successful Parents. For more information, go to

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Family First | VoiceAmerica™

Family First VoiceAmerica™

When and how can children benefit from a tutor?

On my net radio show this Friday,Family First, with host Randy Rolfe, listen in to my dynamic guest who is a top expert on tutoring. His company is Total Tutor and he has a daily radio show about education. Find out mor by following this link and listen in Friday or anytime to the podcast. To get more information and find out how to listen in at your convenience,

Go to

It's only in the last hundred years we have structured education for everyone the same - in a classroom with one adult presiding and all the kids the same age. Throughout history, kids have learned one on one, at a parent's or mentor's elbow, or by exploration adn experimentation. Many kids thrive with a tutor and gain the confidence and understanding they need to learn more easily and effectively than they can in the classroom. Listen in to hear the insights of Neil Haley, the Total Tutor. For details,

Go to

Take Home Tip From Randy Rolfe: Give your child encouragement whenever he or she is trying to figure something out, read something, or use numbers. Correct him or her when they ask your help but have patience and ask if they want help before making corections or before giving advice. Meanwhile, enjoy their natural desire to learn!

Find out other ways to inspire your child's natural inspinct to learn adn explore in Randy Rolfe's books:

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Do our kids have nature deficit disorder?

Listen in this Friday 1 PM Pacific, 4 PM Eastern, to hear World Ambassador for Family Randy Rolfe interviewing a leading nature education expert and author, Ellen Haas. Ellen will show you how important it is for our children's overall well-being, physical health, and mental development to get out in Nature! If you miss the show you can listen to the recording anytime or download it later to your portable device. Simply connecting with Nature has been shown to help with obesity, sleep, depression, anxiety, attention and focus problems, learning challenges, and more. Any parent can enlist the help of Nature!

Simply go to this link to get the details!

Take Home Tip from five time author, family therapist, and longevity trainer Randy Rolfe: Send your children outside, even if they want to finish their video game or do some more texting or grab another snack. Send them outside without earphones so they can get not only the visual but also the the audio portion of Nature and let them tell you about any odors of Nature they detected. Let them play in sand, mud, or meadows. You will have a more cooperative child!