Friday, July 27, 2012

Depression, anxiety, mood swings - Prescriptions?

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How many times have you or someone in your family gone to the doctor and been unsatisfied with the results? The typical tests ordered may be inconclusive, so that you may look good on paper. Perhaps you are told, “It’s all in your head,” but still you may feel tired or anxious, or you can’t focus, have joint pain, can’t sleep, or just don’t feel well. You may wish your doctor would listen to you and get to the root cause of your problem. But your doctor may fail to see you as a whole person, more like a collection of body parts needing a different chemical for each symptom.

 My guest this week on Family First is Dr. Sharon Norling, M.D., a recognized leader in the practice, teaching, and advocacy of integrative, preventive, and holistic health practice, applying natural, safe, whole person strategies whenever possible. She specializes in advanced testing to find the root cause of a person’s health challenges. Listen in to hear how you can manage your family’s health more effectively. 

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Dr. Norling is the only physician in the United States known to be nationally broad-certified in 
OB/GYN and Integrative Medicine and Medical Acupuncture. She is certified in Functional Medicine and FirstLine Therapy, the study of nutrition, supplements, and specialty testing. Dr. Norling is also a Certified Biofeedback Specialist. She served on the faculty of the University of Minnesota Medical School where her passion for using effective evidence based natural approaches inspired her students.
Dr. Norling later founded the Mind Body Spirit Center, a comprehensive integrative medicine center, 
in Westlake Village, California. Dr. Norling is a highly sought after national speaker and consultant. Her audiences range from doctors to spas and cruise ships. She has been interviewed on radio and TV, including CNN. Recognized for her expertise, she has testified before the White House Commission on Complementary and Alternative Medicine Policy. Her upcoming book is titled, “Your Doctor Is Wrong.”
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Randy Rolfe Take Home Tips: My physician father always said that nature knows best. As kids we received rare medications. Ear aches, colds, childhood contagions, and so on were handled simply with extra vitamin C, bed rest, hugs, and time to watch funny TV shows. Our immune systems grew strong and remain so, and we learned to have confidence in our natural healing processes.  When you give the body what it needs, including good water, good air, good sleep, good light, natural energies, good nutrition, and good attitude - it does a really good job taking care of itself most of the time.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Positive Touch - How to reduce bullying, violence, abuse, discontent

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Today’s news is filled with atrocious cases of child abuse, domestic violence, and sexual abuse. Some parents are so worried that any touch might be misinterpreted that they avoid it. And many schools are becoming so sensitive, because of incidents of corporal punishment or sexual contact, that they are not allowing any touch at all. My guest this week on Family First is Eva Scherer. Eva has been the leader of a movement in New Zealand to teach children to massage each other.

Eva believes we are becoming a touch-deprived society, which may contribute to many of the problems kids have today. Her programs have helped kids gain self-esteem, be less aggressive, be better learners, and understand positive versus negative touch. She will share the reasons for her programs, the results they have had, and how facilitating positive touch between parent and child and between child and child can have many benefits for children of all ages and prepare them for a healthier adult life.

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Eva Scherer is a professional body worker and the owner of several sports and therapeutic massage clinics in Auckland, New Zealand. As a result of her knowledge of massage and of how massage has helped children in Europe, she studied at the University of Miami’s Touch Research Institute to develop her own program to introduce positive touch for children. She is the founder of the Kids Love Massage Programme, the Children Massaging Children Programme, and the Child Connection Trust. Established in 2000, the Trust aims to introduce massage into the mainstream education system as a low-cost prevention for child abuse and family violence.

Her Children Massaging Children (CMC) Programme has won the North Shore Mayoral Community 
Award and has benefited children at community centers and schools in New Zealand as well as overseas. Her program also has a strong branch in Poland which extends the Children Massaging Children Programme from Kindergarten into homes. Eva Scherer is a member of Massage Australia, Infant Mental Health Association NZ, and Attachment Parenting International. She is also a mother and grandmother.
To hear Eva Scherer’s insights, simply click on the link above or go to: this Friday July 20 at 1 PM PT, 2 PM MT, 3 PM CT, 4 PM ET, or any time afterwards on podcast or apps.

Take Home Tips from Randy Rolfe: Human experience has shown that close physical contact between children and their parents from birth helps to build confidence and trust which can last a lifetime. It can actually help prevent confusion between aggressive touch and respectful touch as the child grows older. Give your children lots of hugs and encouraging shoulder pats or hand holds and they will be less likely to crave attention in less safe situations.  



Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Natural Approach to Total Wellness

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If you watch a lot of TV you would think that we were programmed to fall apart and that only unnatural chemicals with all kinds of unpleasant and dangerous side effects can keep our bodies and minds running properly. But healers throughout history have insisted that Nature knows best and that if we work with our natural innate power to live in harmony with Nature, we can significantly reduce our likelihood of contracting disease and we can in all likelihood live healthy, happy, and long lives.

My guest this week is Gina Loree Marks, who has been living and teaching this approach for over 15 years. She first discovered what has been labeled the Continuum Concept when raising her own children and has evolved this approach into a holistic practice which focuses on the healing art of shiatsu to help bring harmony and alignment into her clients’ busy lives. She will share how her philosophy and techniques can help with almost any stressful situation a family member may face.

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Gina Loree Marks is a shiatsu practitioner and co-director of the Lionville Holistic Health Center in Lionville PA. She has been in practice since 2005 and she draws on her past experience as a bodyworker and teacher of Qigong, as well as her experience as a Quaker and an unschooling and homebirthing mom. This broad background helps her to assist her clients in releasing restrictions in their bodies and minds so they can live their lives more fully and in alignment. 

Among Gina’s diverse clients are mothers and other caretakers who feel overwhelmed and lack time for self-care, athletes who seek to prevent injury from high performance tensions, people facing surgery or recovering from surgery, therapists involved in energy healing work who seek to reground themselves, women seeking stress relief and hormonal balance to facilitate pregnancy, individuals suffering from ongoing foot, knee, hip, or back pain, and people trying to heal from residual effects of trauma, injury, or accidents. 

For Gina’s valuable insights, listen in Friday at 1 PM PT/2 PM MT/3 PM CT/4 PM ET, or any time afterwards on demand or podcast. Simply go to and click on this episode to the right of the program home page.

Take Home Tips from Randy Rolfe: Though each of us is different in many ways, our basic physiology is the same. We are energy beings and when we align our energy with nature and our natural surroundings, our bodies and minds work together and have amazing healing powers and the ability to maintain health throughout life. Share this philosophy with your children and they will have stronger resistance to disorders of the mind and body.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Want lasting, healthy, fulfilling, and easier relationships?

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In today’s society we’re surrounded by the search for love – in books, in songs, in the movies, on TV, and now on the web – but how many of us know how to find it or even what we are looking for? As children we’re taught to go out there and find love without any cues or instruction on how to make it happen. It’s no wonder that so many adults can make messes of their relationships and end up questioning if being loved or finding love is even possible or meant for them.  
My guest this week on Family First is Cyndi Dale, a renowned author on intuitive and spiritual matters who has developed a guide that serves to open the heart, show you how to nurture your relationships, and give you new optimism and confidence about loving and being loved. She will share how our past experiences can keep us fearful or stuck and how to better understand our feelings and ways to keep them from spoiling our relationships. Listen in to find out great ways to find love or to keep your love fresh and growing. 

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Cyndi Dale is an internationally respected author and spiritual scholar whose book The Subtle Body earned The Gold Nautilus Award. Her book The Complete Book of Chakra Healing is currently in its 14th printing. She is also author of The Intuition Guidebook: How to Safely and Wisely Use Your Sixth Sense. She is president of Life Systems Services, through which she has conducted over 35,000 client sessions and trainings across Europe, Asia, and the Americas 
Cyndi has studied cross-cultural healing and energy systems and has led instructional classes in many countries, including Peru, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Japan, and many others, as well as among the Lakota people and the Hawaiian kahunas. Her newest book, Togetherness: Creating and Deepening Sustainable Love, is coauthored with psychotherapist Andrew Wald and serves to explain and demystify relationships without taking the soul out of them. Cyndi currently lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with her two sons and various pets.

To hear Cyndi’s insights, listen in Friday at 1 PM PT/2 PM MT/3 PM CT/4 PM ET, or any time afterwards on demand or podcast. Click on the link above or go to and click on this episode to the right of the program home page.
Randy Rolfe's Take Home Tips: Relationships are all about attention. Pay attention to the other person, what they are saying, what they want, what they are hoping to receive from you. Often it is just your attention! Take time to be with them and engage them in their own dreams and hopes. Then be clear and thoughtful about what are your dreams and wants. Make requests but be secure enough to not mind if they say no for now.