Thursday, December 22, 2011

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We are bombarded every day with this or that study showing how lifestyle factors affect our chances of getting life-threatening diseases, or of gaining weight, or of feeling down, fatigued, or depressed day in and day
out. It can be confusing and overwhelming trying to change your diet, choose an exercise program, bolster your attitude, and still keep up with all your activities at work and home. Is there a way to make it all work together? My guest this week on Family First is Mark Goodwin, a visionary wellness coach whose varied background makes him uniquely qualified to develop programs that address all the stressors in an individual’s life so they can achieve physical and emotional fitness. He will talk about how you can make better food choices, cook cool tasty food that just happens to be good for your, understand and manage your stress, strengthen your body, and improve your emotional outlook as well, all within the parameters of your daily life. Do listen in to this valuable interview.

Family First broadcasts live on the Voice America Net Talk Radio Network, the leading net talk network, on their Health and Wellness Channel. Find this week's show by clicking on:

Listeners can call in at 866-472-5792. The show is broadcast live at 4 PM ET, 3 PM CT, 2 PM MT, and 1 PM PT, and is then archived for listening any time, or for download, podcast, RSS, MP3, apps, and embedding in any website or social network. We have lots of great information and lots of fun.

Family First has over 28,000 listeners each month, after only starting in May 2011. I am so grateful that my audience continues to grow at quite a pace. I have just one guest each show so I have a chance to really explore my guests' particular expertise as it relates to creating happy healthy families.

My guest this week, Mark Goodwin, is a certified wellness coach, certified personal trainer, and executive chef, as well as a certified posture alignment specialist in the “Egoscue Method.” His success with clients of all ages and lifestyles comes from his multi-disciplinary approach, which he customizes for the unique needs of each individual. Mark served for 15 years as Executive Chef and Wellness Coordinator for QVC. He is certified by the American College of Sports Medicine as a Wellness Coach, and is certified by American Fitness Professionals & Associates as a Personal Trainer. He has over 30 years experience as an Executive Chef and has worked as Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach with Integrated Health Chiropractic, in West Chester PA with Drs. Brian and Kristina Shuffler, DC. He has been a featured speaker at West Chester University, the Chester County Health Department, and the Chester County Hospital. Main Line Today Magazine named him one of “33 Men to Watch” in 2004.

Listen in live Friday or on archive afterwards at:

Randy Rolfe's Take Home Tip: We are meant to be and stay healthy. But we must treat our bodies and minds right. Learn all you can about how to do that and you and your children will never regret it!

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