Thursday, August 23, 2012

Getting to the Cause of Depression and Anxiety

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It seems that more and more people today are being diagnosed and treated for depression and anxiety. The media advertisements for pharmaceuticals for these emotional states have increased dramatically. At the same time, the ads warn not to drive or work with dangerous machinery while under the influence. Yet people who are being medicated for anxiety and depression can’t afford to stop their work and home functions. And often the effects of the drugs shift over time. Is there another way? My guest this week on Family First is Dr. Jonathan Brower, who has pursued life-long study of the inner-workings of the unconscious and of how people suffer when they put up walls to avoid being conscious of their real feelings and impulses. His counseling practice focuses on helping people to discover the source of their anxiety or depression, so that they can overcome it by addressing the root cause. He specializes in a therapeutic process which can have dramatic results in a very short time.

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 Dr. Jonathan Brower experienced important people in his early life being “nervous.” He didn’t have the word "anxiety" in his vocabulary, but what he experienced was very real and disturbing. In addition to the nervousness, some of the people around him had low energy and would withdraw from others. He wanted to know more. At ten, he became a voracious reader of biographies and novels that involved the emotional struggles people tried to overcome. By age 16, he was reading books by and about Sigmund Freud. For the first half of college he was a psychology major, but he found that many courses were not about the human struggle toward optimal mental health. He changed his major to sociology, where he learned about the social psychology of emotions and relationships. He went on to earn his Ph.D. in Sociology at the University of California at Santa Barbara. Says Dr. Brower, “We all have had some degree of emotional pain during our lives, but we don’t have to let it cause us to suffer.”

To hear the program, simply click on this link:: or the link above, on Friday at 1 PM PT, 2 PM MT, 3 PM CT, 4 PM ET, or any time afterwards on demand, for podcast download, or RSS.

Take Home Tip from Randy Rolfe: Emotional states which cause pain and suffering need to be addressed first by seeking the cause and getting help to reverse the cause. Too many people today, even youngsters and young adults, are being medicated without proper attempts to correct the underlying causes. Teach your children that pills are a last resort except in crisis situations and seldom have long lasting relief without serious side effects. Emotional conditions instead need to be worked out with a trusted relative, friend, or professional if at all possible.

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