Thursday, September 6, 2012

What Buy USA-Made Can Mean to You

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Are social media a distraction and obsession or can they be a force for positive change? Will our children waste time and energy and become sleep deprived searching yet another site, or go into debt consuming whatever is advertised online, or will they find a way to use this new tool to make their world a better place? My guest this week on Family First is dedicated to making social media an instrument of change. Sarah Mazzone is a Registered Nurse, active blogger, new mother, and leader in the movement to live simply and buy what is needed from American manufacturers and from one’s local community.

Sarah Mazzone developed her growing blog, “made in usa,” to build on her love for writing and her desire to explore American consumerism and associated issues. Sarah specializes in health and wellness, informatics and technology, and research and writing. Find out how to build your family’s health and our nation’s economy by being conscious consumers and communicators.

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Sarah Mazzone, RN, BSN, is editor in chief of Made in USA Challenge, where she explores conscious consumerism from an economic, environmental and human rights perspective. Sarah highlights products made in USA that help strengthen our economy, protect our environment, safe-guard our families from toxins and minimize our exploitation of developing countries. She has developed her site into a resource for concerned consumers to find the best products made in America as well as to generate a dialogue about consumerism. She also collaborates with businesses to promote ethically made products manufactured locally, and creates social media marketing strategies to help connect Made in America businesses and consumers. As a Registered Nurse, she has worked both in the hospital and outpatient setting, specializing in patient education. She currently works in the healthcare informatics industry, obtaining critical data measures and reporting patient outcomes. 
To hear the program, simply click on this link:: Friday at 1 PM PT, 2 PM MT, 3 PM CT, 4 PM ET, or any time afterwards on podcast or
Randy Rolfe's Take Home Tips: Voting at the voting booth is just one of the ways we affect the direction of our society. How we vote with our dollar matters too. If we read labels when we buy things for our family and try to favor those sources we are most comfortable wtih from a perspective of green living and supporting our local communities and country, we can have a profound effect all together. And we will be setting a good example for our kids of living according to our values and beliefs in our everyday life as well as in our larger efforts.

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