Thursday, January 19, 2012

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Today it is easy to get caught up in the day-to-day preoccupations of work, bills, family events, public affairs, sports interests, and more. It seems hard to find time to meditate, relax, or participate in the more enduring aspects of life, the spiritual connection between us all and also our surroundings. My guest Tony Samara is a world-renowned spiritual teacher who believes that becoming more aware of the spiritual element in life right
now can help with all those other concerns and bring more peace and joy to every day life. On Family First this week Tony will share his insights on how we are living at a crucial moment in humanity's transformation and we can no longer wait for someone else, or something else, to do something. He will explain how the creative power of each individual allows us to put things into practice now, in a more proactive and participatory way. Listen in for some valuable wisdom and practical tools for making our lives freer, more fun, and more meaningful.

To listen, just click on the link below at 4 PM ET, 3 PM CT, 2 PM MT, and 1 PM PT, or any time after the show on MP3 download, apps, Podcasts, etc.:

Tony Samara is the author of Shaman’s Wisdom, From the Heart, Different Yet the Same, and Deeper than Words. He was born in England and grew up in Egypt and also in Norway, where he discovered the Zen Buddhist philosophy. This led him to the Mount Baldy Zen Center in California, where he studied the teachings of Kyozan Joshu Sasaki. To explore further the essence of spirituality he visited shamanic communities around the globe
including in the Amazon River region and the Andes Mountains. Centered now in Germany, his spiritual teaching now attracts people from around the world and through the Internet. His purpose is to encourage all to lead their daily lives actively in a noble way in order to realize the evolution of human consciousness, joy, and real freedom. Unlike some spiritual teachers, Tony teaches that food and eating are fundamental to our inner well eing. Healthy, energized food helps us to create a strong foundation that allows inner work and transformation to take place.

To hear Tony Samara's world class insights, listen live this Friday or any time afterwards, by going to:

Randy Rolfe's Take home Tips: There is always time in a family's day to stop moving, take a deep breath, look around you, appreciate all your blessings, and let the universe reinvigorate your life, your health, and your communications. Begin now to model that kind of centering for your children and all your loved ones.

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