Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What Your Teeth Want You to Know!

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Listen in this week to hear what your teeth want you to know and find out how to protect your child's teeth from unnecessary toxins which are still used in many dental offices!We see shiny white smiles on our TV and movie stars, but what about our own teeth? What keeps them healthy and beautiful for a life-time? What if the conventional methods of caring for teeth could be causing tooth breakage, toxic leakage, neurological disorders, memory loss, inflammation, and even environmental degradation? More than thirty years ago, experts began urging that safer new methods be adopted but most people still don’t know about them. My guest this week on Family First is Dr. Donald Robbins, a graduate and former instructor from the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine. He has practiced dentistry for 35 years and has developed the BioSafeDentistry system, which helps protect the patient, dentist and staff from dangerous chemicals often used in dentistry. He is author of the new book, The Toxic Dental Office –How to Protect Yourself and Your Family, and he will share with us the information we need to choose the healthiest dental care for our family.
To listen, just go to this link, Friday at 4 PM ET or any time afterwards - listen on PC, download, MP3, apps, etc!
Dr. Donald Robbins has measured the toxic mercury vapor exposure from “silver” amalgam fillings in his patients’ mouths for over 7 years. He presented his findings to the North American College of Clinical Toxicology and also to the FDA Dental Products panel in DC. He appeared on NBC10 News to rebut the ADA’s claim that such fillings are safe. His was the cover story in the magazine Doctor of Dentistry, and he hosts his own radio show about dentistry. He lectures widely and writes for the dental page for the national autism organization ARI and DANS ( He advocated strongly for the informed patient consent bill which passed in Philadelphia. He is a Fellow in the Academy of General Dentistry, master in the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, former diplomat of the American Academy of Pain Management, and former fellow of the International College of CranioMandibular Orthopedics. He founded the 4 Learning Group, LLC, and the Dental Training Center.
To hear Dr. Robbins' great information about how to protect your family's teeth and health, listen in Friday at 4 PM ET (1 PM PT) or any time afterwards at:
Randy Rolfe's Take Home Tip: As parents it is our job to really look into all aspects of our family's health, because governments, trade associations, and even health professionals do not have all the answers and cannot know your needs and condition or philosophy of health as well as you do. Be proactive, ask questions, and engage professionals who are happy to answer all your questions and keep you fully informed of all your options.

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