Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Protecting your kids from cell phone dangers

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Today there are five billion cell phones in use. 80% of Europeans use them and 50% of Americans, more every day. With reports of health risks from cell phone radiation mounting, including a recent WHO report linking their use to cancer, industry giants still deny any problem. Are we damaging our kids by letting them use cell phones at an early age? Are we risking our own health?

 My guest this week on Family First is Shelly Kalnitsky. Kalnitsky compares where we are now with cell phones to where we used to be with cigarettes, believing industry assertions that nicotine was non-addictive and smoking didn’t cause cancer. Do we really want “radiation” and “microwaves” going into our child’s brain? After 10 years studying the data, Kalnitsky says we can’t know the long term effects yet, but there is enough evidence to warrant serious concern. He will describe the studies, the increased risks for children, how industry misinforms, how hand-free is no safer, and ways to minimize harm.

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Just over ten years ago, Shelly Kalnitsky was watching ABC’s 20/20 show in his home in South Florida when he saw a feature story on the potential risks of cell phone usage. The show included lobbyists and wireless representatives who all denied a problem. Compelled to learn more, he researched the world news regarding cell phones and discovered that information abroad included many studies conducted by prominent scientists who reached very different conclusions from what we were hearing in the U.S.

He established the Cell Phone Radiation News Bureau (, a one-stop information center to inform consumers about the potential health risks from cell and cordless phones and to help prevent future health problems. .He took his knowledge a step further by developing a device which helps reduce phone radiation. He now gets requests from around the world and from news media and marketing groups to find out more about his findings and about his unique, simple-to-use product.  

To hear Kalnitsky's important information, click on the above link for Family First, at 1PM PT/4PM ET this Friday, April 20th or any time after on demand or download.

Randy Rolfe's Take Home Tips: Smart phones seem a great way to stay in touch with your kids in this busy life where every family member is going in a different direction. But phones are no substitute for face to face interaction and time spent just being together. Nor can they substitute for parents learning ahead of time what their children's plans are and encouraging children to stick to their plans. Children need to learn to relate to other people through facial expression, tone, eye contact, handshakes and so on before they move on to electronic communication. Their future relationships depend on the basic skills they learn in their first 7 years. 

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