Thursday, May 10, 2012

Family First | VoiceAmerica™

Family First | VoiceAmerica™

Even before this recession, start-ups of family businesses were at an all time high. Now in this economy when many are being downsized from corporate jobs, more families are considering becoming entrepreneurs and starting their own businesses. Meanwhile, some families who have been operating family-owned businesses are finding the impact of the slump too much for their business to survive and are facing tough decisions. America was built on the entrepreneurial spirit and family businesses.

Yet the challenges of building and running a business with family members have always been daunting. And the decisions about growth, selling, or passing on a family business always carry extra emotion.

My guest this week on Family First has decades of experience with exactly these kinds of relationships. With expertise in both family counseling and business coaching, Marie Maguire will share the pitfalls and benefits of family businesses and ways to minimize the stress and maximize the rewards.

To hear my interview with Marie Maguire, listen in online on Friday at 1 pm PT/2 pm MT/3 pm CT/4 pm ET, or any time afterwards on archive on demand or download, at:

Ms. Maguire has two Masters Degrees; one in Electrical Engineering and another in Clinical Social Work. She has an extensive background in corporate consulting, education and private coaching and counseling. Her career includes four years managing projects for IBM, five years as a professor at Temple University, three years as a corporate management consultant and thirty years engaged in private consulting practice, coaching and counseling people in overcoming their success barriers and achieving high levels of success.

Marie’s private counseling work has been mainly with couples and families.  For the past twenty years along with her private work, she has been a principal of Caramanico Maguire Associates, involved in all aspects of the sales and training process. She has co-authored two books with her professional and marital partner, Dan Caramanico. They are The Optimal Salesperson and soon to be available, Optimal Selling- Conversations of the Optimal Salesperson.

To hear Marie's insights about running a family business, listen in online on Friday May 11 at 1 pm PT/2 pm MT/3 pm CT/4 pm ET, or any time afterwards on archive on demand or download, at:

Randy Rolfe's Take home Tip: In all family relationships, keeping each other informed about your concerns, any news, and any decisions coming up will help smooth the way.:

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