Wednesday, June 22, 2011

How Your Home Spaces Can Improve Family Mood!

This Friday July 24, 2011 I, please listen in as I Randy Rolfe, have the pleasure of interviewing Denny Daileler, international expert on creating environments which foster comfort, respect, productivity, peace, chesiveness and great family relationships! Here's the link:

The show is also archived and downloadable at your convenience.

Small changes can make a big difference in how your familoy members interact. Ask your children how they would like to rearrange the familoy room for example. This gets them to invest in the arrangement and to feel they have some say. Also, let them arrange their bedrooms, within your comfortable limits.

Take Home Tips from World Ambassador for Family Randy Rolfe: Keep fresh air in each room and comfortable chairs for each member of the famiy. Use bright and light relaxing colors so that indoors the family is surrounded with as much full spectrum light as possible.
To learn more about taking care of children's basic needs by tending to their physical environment, see Randy's book The Seven Secrets of Successful Parents. For more information, go to

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