Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Learning Disorders Can Often Be Corrected Without Drugs

One of the most distressing developments in recent years is the amazing increase in the incidence of learning and behavior disorders, rangingfrom mild to severe, including ADHD, dyslexia, autism spectrum disorders, and more. Discussion continues whether to blame educators, parents, TV, video games, environmental toxins, or the family genes. But meanwhile, my guest this week on my net radio show has found solutions. Dr. Albert Forwood has been helping children with learning and behavior rpoblems for many years. Dr Forwood has his board certification in the revered functional neurology program, an elite certification that less than 5% of doctors in his profession achieve. In 2009 he opened the Brain Balance Center in Wayne PA, one of many opening around the country. These Centers have a program which is helping kids in extraordinary ways, often with major progress in a surprisingly short time, because of the customized treatment and the focus on the actual cause of the disorders. Instead of covering symptoms with drug treatment, the Brain Balance Centers get to the real brain imbalance which is causing the problems. The program is described in a book called Disconnected Kidsm written by Dr. Forwood's colleague Dr. Robert Melillo. Do listen in to my show 1 PM PT, or 4 PM ET, llive, or any time after on your PC, MP3 player or as a podcast or download. Just go to:
Tell any friends who have who are concerned about their child's developmental rates or school performance and have them listen in. They will thank you.

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