Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Can You Avoid Toxic Chemicals in Your Home?

Can You Clean Your Home Without Using Dangerous Chemicals?

The news today is filled with stories of the increasing incidence of allergies, asthma, attention problems in kids, and other conditions which have been found to be related to the increasing load of toxic chemicals in our environment. And the Environmental Protection Agency has concluded that many of these chemicals are inside our homes rather than outside. For example, indoor air can be up to 17 times as polluted as outdoor air. Many of these toxic chemicals are in the cleaning products we bring into our homes thinking we are making our homes healthier. Can we clean without using toxic chemicals? My guest today is Vince Elliott, a longtime leader, teacher, and innovator in the science of cleaning. His passion is to understand the real concerns of actual consumers of cleaning services and to help them create a toxic-free, chemical free environment in the home, school and workplace, both for health and for our eco-system. A few simple changes can make a big difference.

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Vince Elliott is Founder and CEO of The Chemical Free Cleaning Network, located in Baltimore, Maryland. Vince has worked as a consultant and advisor to the cleaning industry since 1973. He is one of the first to apply the concept of “performance based contracting” and to use the cleaning measurement sciences in the real estate industry. Vince has helped negotiate over 530 building service contracts, for cleaning services worth nearly half a billion dollars. A graduate in Economics from Towson University, Vince has a Master of Health Sciences from Johns Hopkins University. He has been a university professor teaching service management strategies and has received numerous awards, including the prestigious Apgar Award for Excellence by the National Association of Corporate Real Estate Executives (NACORE), and Cleaning Management Magazine’s “Outstanding Service Award." He is
author of the book EXTREME GREEN CLEANING, with its second edition appearing soon.

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