Thursday, October 27, 2011

How to bully-proof your child

This month has been designated Anti-Bully Month and in recent years there have been some horrendous incidents of bullying in the news which have destroyed lives. Why has it become
such a problem? Is it getting worse? And if so why? What is happening in the mind of the bully? And how can we protect the potential victim? Does the old idea of just hitting back work? Or can our child talk a bully out of attack?

What should our children watch out for to avoid being a target? My guest Rich Kohler has answers which have been tested in the field. Rich is a dynamic presenter who has created and presented award-winning child safety programsnworld-wide since 1997. Rich Kohler is considered one of the leading experts on child abduction safety and bully avoidance in the State of Connecticut. His unique teaching style is popular among the many public and private organizations to whom he has presented.. He receives glowing reports from parents, teachers, police officers, and child psychologists.

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At 16, a determined but shy Richard Kohler entered his first karate school searching for some strength, inner strength. For the next seven years he sacrificed much to achieve the coveted black belt rank and then began teaching others. At 27, he became a father to his son. After a near-tragic experience, Rich discovered his passion for keeping children safe. He combined fantasy adventure with the most effective teaching methods and his own 12 years of teaching experience to develop the award-winning child safety movie: The Journey of the Steal-Proof Master. Rich also teaches personal security to women and high risk professionals. He teamed up with a local radio celebrity to create an annual self-defense charity event, http.//, to benefit domestic violence and women’s shelters in Connecticut. Rich has expertise in various self-defense systems, including Kray Maga (Israeli Military Self-Defense), Wing Chun Kung Fu, Muay Thai Kickboxing, and American Kempo.

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Randy Rolfe's Take Home Tip: Interact with your child as much as you can so that she or he learns nonverbal communication as well as verbal. That way they will get to know you, themselves, and others better so that they can respond better in any situation.

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