Thursday, February 16, 2012

Rethinking Everything?

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Do you sometimes get the feeling that a lot of what you were taught or picked up along the way from experts about life, family, parenting, marriage, sex, love, and kids is not really useful or true? Have you felt that you have done a lot of reinventing, reassessing, as you go along, in your career, family relationships, and sense of self and your mission? My guest this week, Barb Lundgren, has not only done this with a passion but she has created a safe space where families can come together to do this kind of exploration.

Barb Lundgren has found that too often we are led down a path of conformity, intimidation, and self-doubt which does not get us where we want to go and even worse, limits the prospects for our children. Each year she gathers families together who are seeking to get to the core truth of living in joy and transformation in a community focused on freedom and creativity. Listen in to experience a wealth of ideas on how to rethink everything without getting lost in the process.

Barb Lundgren is the founder of the international conference on Rethinking Everything, now in its 16th year. Rethinking Everything passionately supports all ways of becoming and living authentically. This life-altering conference hosts hundreds of children, teens, young adults, parents, and grandparents each year, in the Dallas area of Texas, in early September. Find more detail at: Barb is also the co-publisher of three revolutionary magazines: Rethinking Everything PARENT, LIFE and SEX. You can tell your own personal story of transformative change by going to:

Barb's most important work and greatest change has revolved around her children, now grown. She made an early decision in her mothering career to give up everything she thought she knew about children, parenting, and education and to create a rich environment to support their freedom to be. The 30 years since have been nothing short of remarkable!

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Randy Rolfe's Take Home Tip: Sure, consult the experts, but also consult your own experience, perceptions, impressions, and life lessons. No one knows you or your kids or your family like you do. Be ready to rethink your most basic assumptions if they aren't working for you today. Most great breakthroughs have come from someone questioning a long accepted assumption.

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