Thursday, March 1, 2012

Never Too Soon to Learn Wellness

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With the epidemic of obesity in children, with studies showing that even our youngest kids are suffering from stress and emotional problems and the early onset of conditions once thought a product of aging like ardiovascular disease, cancer, and diabetes, we need to find ways to help kids become familiar as early as possible with the principles of good health and wellness. My guest this week hon Family First as created a rare and valuable tool for making wellness fun for the little ones. Maryellen Murphy Ruggiero is the author and illustrator of The Little Lotus Learns About Wellness. She will share how parents and teachers can help get children off to a good start with good habits by educating them in a fun way about the essential elements and benefits of health and wellness. She is passionate about yoga, the arts, and the benefits of a holistic lifestyle and is committed to continue promoting wellness, literacy and creativity. She will also share what she calls The Five Petals of Wellness.

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Maryellen Murphy Ruggiero was raised in a small town in Massachusetts the youngest of five. Her mother Helen was forward thinking and a firm believer in whole foods, vitamins, and exercise for good health. Her father Dan, a teacher, believed strongly in the value of education and the opportunities that it offers. Maryellen graduated from the University of Southern Maine with an Associate’s degree in Therapeutic Recreation. She married her college sweetheart Dan and in 1989 their son Danny was born. Danny showed signs of sensitivity to certain processed foods and additives, so Maryellen immersed herself in books about wellness and made changes to her family’s lifestyle. In May 2011, she obtained her B.A. in Wellness and the Healing Arts from Lesley University. As her thesis/final project, she researched the essential elements of children's wellness and then wrote and illustrated The Little Lotus Learns About Wellness. She lives in Massachusetts with her husband, son, and family dog.

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Randy Rolfe's Take Home Tip: Humans learn primarily by imitation of those around them. So make sure you create a strong model for your child of living responsibly for your own health and well-being, treating others caringly, and staying in touch with the spiritual link and creative power among us all. And set a good example of curiosity, reading, and sharing! Find out more in my book, You Can Postpone Anything But Love, from Amazon, and in eBook for Kindle and Nook.

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