Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Do you know a family looking to adopt?

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Many couples today are looking into adopting a child, and most of us know some one who has considered adopting, either domestically or internationally. Often would-be adoptive parents are faced with challenges they had no way of knowing about ahead of time, and few appreciate the financial commitment, which can cost well over $10,000, with travel expenses, fees, and more, and cause undue stress at what should be a happy time. Likewise, friends and relatives often have no idea how to help.  

My guest this week on Family First net talk radio is Kelly Ellison, who as a result of her own experience adopting her daughter from China, founded YourAdoptionFinanceCoach.com and GotchaGiftRegistry.com, two eCommerce companies to fill this information gap. Her organization is dedicated to giving potential parents the coaching they need to make the process as smooth as possible and to educating friends and family about how they can best help, so that, as Kelly says, they can “bring their family home together forever.” 

Click on the above link to hear Kelly ellison live, at 1 PM PT, 2 PM MT, 3 PM CT, and 4 PM ET, to listen in or catch it later on archive. 

Kelly Ellison is an executive coach and trainer with over 25 years experience working in development and management in the nonprofit sector.  She has been president and CEO of two nonprofit organizations as well as Vice President of Marketing and Development for a national nonprofit organization based in Kansas City, Missouri.  Kelly has a passion for helping people raise money, and now she specifically helps adoptive families reach their financial goals. 

 Kelly earned her Master’s Degree in Business Administration in 2005 from the Rockhurst Executive Fellows Program in Kansas City. She is certified in mediation and diversity and is an experienced presenter.  She is co-author of The Youth Action Agenda, A Cooperative Model for Environmental Leadership, a curriculum for high school. She is a member of the scholarship committee for the Rosalyn Carter Institute’s Intergenerational Caregivers Scholarship Award and a member of the board of governors of the We Are Family Foundation.

To hear Kelly Ellison’s insights on adoption, click on the above link at 1 PM PT, 2 PM MT, 3 PM CT, and 4 PM ET, to listen in or catch it later on archive.

Randy Rolfe's Take Home Tips:  Adapting to the new family when the child is adopted takes a lot of focus and attention by the new parents, particularly because the parents don't have the same natural hormones which follow a birth to create a bit of extra confidence, closeness, and security feelings within the family. So stay focused and steady and know that you are meant to be this child's baby and it will all work out okay!

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