Thursday, June 7, 2012

Keep your kids slim, healthy, and happy all summer!

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As summer approaches are looking forward to freedom and the outdoors and a more easy-going lifestyle. Maybe there will be a family road trip and interesting adventures! Meanwhile parents are wondering how to keep control of activities, make sure the kids do more than laze about and text their friends or play video games, meanwhile getting exercise, sticking with a sound diet, and avoiding putting on extra weight.

My guest this week on Family First is Dr. Felicia Stoler, a registered dietician and former host of TLC’s honey, We’re Killing the Kids. She has put together some great tips on how to plan for a great summer for children and parents. She will share ideas about how to prepare, how to travel, what kinds of snacks to have on hand, how to manage the attractions of junk food, how to limit road trip restroom breaks, and how to see that no one starts to have an expanding waistline over the summer. Listen in on how to make your summer healthy and happy.

To hear Dr. Stoler’s valuable tips, listen in this Friday at 1 PM PT/2 PM MT/3 PM CT/4 PM ET or any time afterwards on demand or downloadable, at:, or click on the link above..

Felicia D. Stoler, MS, RD, is a registered dietitian, exercise physiologist, and expert consultant in nutrition and healthful living. She is the former host for the reality show, “Honey We're Killing the Kids” on TLC. She specializes in integrating behavior modification to influence positive health outcomes. Stoler is the published author of numerous articles on nutrition, exercise, health, and wellness.

Stoler is the immediate Past President and Past Media/ PR leader for the NJ Dietetic Association and was VP of the Greater NY Chapter of the American College of Sports Medicine and the Nutrition Coordinator for ING NYC New York Road Runners Marathon. She currently serves on the NJ Council on Physical Fitness & Sports. Dr. Stoler is author of the new book, “Living Skinny in Fat Genes,” based on her own personal experience as well as many years helping others develop life long habits which put you in control of your weight and health.

Get great ideas for summer activities which keep kids healthy and occupied. Listen in this Friday at 1 PM PT/2 PM MT/3 PM CT/4 PM ET or any time afterwards on demand or downloadable, at: or just click on the link above.

RANDY ROLFE Take Home Tips: For healthy eating, limit the quantity of junk food in the house and set a good example by how you eat. Sit down to eat, even for snacks, and avoid chemical-laden or sugary drinks as well.

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