Thursday, July 19, 2012

Positive Touch - How to reduce bullying, violence, abuse, discontent

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Today’s news is filled with atrocious cases of child abuse, domestic violence, and sexual abuse. Some parents are so worried that any touch might be misinterpreted that they avoid it. And many schools are becoming so sensitive, because of incidents of corporal punishment or sexual contact, that they are not allowing any touch at all. My guest this week on Family First is Eva Scherer. Eva has been the leader of a movement in New Zealand to teach children to massage each other.

Eva believes we are becoming a touch-deprived society, which may contribute to many of the problems kids have today. Her programs have helped kids gain self-esteem, be less aggressive, be better learners, and understand positive versus negative touch. She will share the reasons for her programs, the results they have had, and how facilitating positive touch between parent and child and between child and child can have many benefits for children of all ages and prepare them for a healthier adult life.

To hear the program, simply click on the link above or go to: Friday July 20 at 1 PM PT, 2 PM MT, 3 PM CT, 4 PM ET, or any time afterwards on podcast or apps.

Eva Scherer is a professional body worker and the owner of several sports and therapeutic massage clinics in Auckland, New Zealand. As a result of her knowledge of massage and of how massage has helped children in Europe, she studied at the University of Miami’s Touch Research Institute to develop her own program to introduce positive touch for children. She is the founder of the Kids Love Massage Programme, the Children Massaging Children Programme, and the Child Connection Trust. Established in 2000, the Trust aims to introduce massage into the mainstream education system as a low-cost prevention for child abuse and family violence.

Her Children Massaging Children (CMC) Programme has won the North Shore Mayoral Community 
Award and has benefited children at community centers and schools in New Zealand as well as overseas. Her program also has a strong branch in Poland which extends the Children Massaging Children Programme from Kindergarten into homes. Eva Scherer is a member of Massage Australia, Infant Mental Health Association NZ, and Attachment Parenting International. She is also a mother and grandmother.
To hear Eva Scherer’s insights, simply click on the link above or go to: this Friday July 20 at 1 PM PT, 2 PM MT, 3 PM CT, 4 PM ET, or any time afterwards on podcast or apps.

Take Home Tips from Randy Rolfe: Human experience has shown that close physical contact between children and their parents from birth helps to build confidence and trust which can last a lifetime. It can actually help prevent confusion between aggressive touch and respectful touch as the child grows older. Give your children lots of hugs and encouraging shoulder pats or hand holds and they will be less likely to crave attention in less safe situations.  



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