Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Special Appeal! 4 Days Left!

This is a special appeal for your support for my weekly online radio show Family First, now reaching 47,000 families every month and still growing! I invite you to become a Friend of Family First and to help me reach more people who would like to support the program.
Please hurry! There are just 4 days left until the close of my Campaign! Capign closes October 5 at 12:59pm PT.
Please click on this link www.indiegogo.com/friendsoffamilyfirst where you can see a video about the show and about my campaign to raise funds to continue the program well into its second year. If you own a business, please contact me to find out about how to become an advertiser or a sponsor for Family First within a budget which fits your marketing needs. If you know someone who might like to advertise or to sponsor the show, please also let me know.
Meanwhile, please go to www.indiegogo.com/friendsoffamilyfirst  and see all the great thank you perks available for any contribution, from $6 on up. Thank you for any help you can give.
Each weekly program costs several thousand dollars to produce and I have already invested over $25,000 of personal funds towards making the program the success it has become. The Voice America Network too has given great professional and financial support for my program.
Many shows today ask that guests contribute to the costs of production. So far I have avoided doing so because I want to feel free to feature any expert I believe deserves the attention of my audience, even if they are just getting started in their marketing and do not have a lot to invest. Instead, I am seeking sponsors and advertisers large and small.
Currently I am running a fun campaign to enroll "Friends of Family First" through the popular crowd-sourcing website www.indiegogo.com. Indiegogo has proven to be an effective way to attract support from a large crowd of people, who each can give a little toward a great cause that appeals to them. In effect I am seeking hundreds of sponsors, who each contribute what they can and receive fun and valuable thank you gifts in return.
Family First reaches over 47,000 families every month, after just 16 months on the air, and the audience is still growing each month! As a way to get information out to families which they don't hear on conventional media, Family First is unsurpassed. I am proud of the superb guests it has attracted and of the thousands of families who have discovered its value and told their friends to tune in.
Here are some ways you can help me to continue to bring families around the world experts who have unique, highly qualified, and powerful insights to help families survive and thrive today and in turn do their part in making this a happier, healthier world. I am most grateful for any support you can offer.
(1)   You can become a "Friend of Family First" by going to http://www.indiegogo.com/friendsoffamilyfirst. It just takes a moment to choose which perk level you want and your thank you gifts will be on their way with my deep appreciation! Levels start at $6 and go up to $1,000, so every one can help! The Campaign close date is October 5 so please hurry!
(2)   You can recommend to your contacts that they can become a "Friend of Family First." Urge them to go to http://www.indiegogo.com/friendsoffamilyfirst, where they can show their support for an important service for families and in return receive some wonderful thank you gifts! No contribution is too small, or too large! The Campaign close date is October 5 so please hurry!
(3)   You can become a sponsor or advertiser on Family First! Please contact Senior Executive Producer Nathan Jett of the Voice America Network at 480-553-5768, or give me a call. Nathan will customize a package big or small for you, to fit your marketing goals and your marketing budget.
(4)   You can refer me to an organization you believe in which might be interested in becoming a sponsor or advertiser on Family First. Please call or email me with their information and I will connect them with my Senior Executive Producer.
(5)   You can tune in and also urge your contacts to tune in Friday afternoons or any time on demand to Family First, at http://www.voiceamerica.com/show/1916/family-first, to hear an engaging, informative conversation about a different topic each week on how to help their families to become happier and healthier right now.

Please hurry! There are just 4 days left for the Campaign at Indiegogo for you or your contacts to become a Friend of Family First! Go to www.indiegogo.com/friendsoffamilyfirst.
Please contact me with your questions or comments, at randyrolfe@randyrolfe.com. I appreciate any support for Family First which you can give and look forward to reaching more families with the message that prepared, holistic, responsive, and spiritual parenting can change the world!

Randy Rolfe's Take Home Tips: Prepared, holistic, responsive, and spiritual parenting can change the world! Think before you speak, give extra hugs and smiles, and relax in confidence knowing your child wants to have your attention and approval and will respond positively to them (sooner or later!).


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