Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Easy, New, Natural, Proven Ways to Reduce Cardio Problems

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Today people are still dying of cardiovascular problems after almost a century of research. Predictors include elevated blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglycerides, so pharmaceutical companies have developed chemicals to lower these numbers, but we are learning more and more about unwanted side effects to these drugs, most recently impaired memory in some patients who are taking statins to lower cholesterol. Plus the long term studies leave some doubt whether artificially lowering cholesterol actually is as preventative as had been hoped. But there are natural ways to reduce these predictors and these have only good side effects.

My guest this week on Family First knows a great deal about these natural strategies. Dr. Joseph Keenan will discuss preventative cardiac research relating to nutrition and food and ways that we can improve our family’s health with some simple dietary and lifestyle changes.

To hear the program, simply click on the link above or this link: Friday at 1 pm PT, 2 pm MT, 3 pm CT, 4 pm ET, or any time afterwards online, or on podcast or apps.

Dr. Joseph Keenan, M.D., is a Researcher in Preventative Cardiology, formerly a Professor of Family Medicine at the University of Minnesota and the University of Minnesota School of Food Science and Nutrition. His research interest is preventive cardiology with a special interest in the use of nutrition and nutritional supplements in the reduction of cardiovascular disease risk.

Dr. Keenan has been awarded over $5 million in research grants and has published more than 50 scientific articles dealing with his research. He was awarded the Outstanding Service Award by the American Geriatrics Society in 1995. He has presided over 150 scientific papers and national and international scientific meetings. Dr. Keenan is considered one of the leading national experts in the field of nutritional supplement research and the prevention of cardiovascular disease. Dr. Keenan has been studying how natural substances in plants help the body to handle cholesterol in a healthier, safer way.

To hear Dr. Keenan's great information, simply click on the link above or on this link: Friday at 1 pm PT, 2 pm MT, 3 pm CT, 4 pm ET, or any time afterwards online, or on podcast or apps.
Randy Rolfe Take Home Tips: I have found over my decades of counseling families that parents are among the most eager to take a second look at their lifestyles. they want to see how they can improve their health and set a good example for their children, while also controlling their children's  environment as much as possible to help build healthy habits around food and lifestyle. Between birth and about ten you have the most influence on how your children live and eat. Make the best of that time and they will be off to a great start!

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