Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Emotional intelligence can be taught!

Many of us parents leave it to the schools to teach our children the academic smarts which will help get them into good schools or land them a good job. And we assume that their IQ, or intellectual smarts, is mostly genetic. But what about emotional smarts? Can it be measured? Can it be taught? Might it be a better predictor of future success than IQ or academic standing? What is its impact on the relationships at work and at home which can have the greatest impact on our happiness and success? Is this a kind of smarts we parents can and should foster in our children? My guest today is Harvey Deutschendorf, a trained expert in evaluating and teaching emotional intelligence. He coaches people in both their personal and business life to improve their recognition and management of their emotions in ways that can dramatically improve their lives, and in a surprisingly short time. Tune in to find out how a few simple changes can make a big difference in your work and family life. If you can't llisten live, be sure and listen to the archived show - anytime or your PC or downloadable as an MP3. Let's help our children have the saavy they need to succeed!

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Harvey Deutschendorf is passionate about Emotional Intelligence and its impact on our lives and is author of the book THE OTHER KIND OF SMART, Simple Ways to Boost Your Emotional Intelligence for Greater Personal Effectiveness and Success. Harvey shares his passion in numerous presentations and to international audiences. He is certified to administer the Bar-On EQI, the first scientifically validated test for emotional intelligence approved by the American Psychological Association. Harvey comes from an extensive background in Career Development and Social Work, and he is a member of the Human Capital Institute, The Writer’s Guild of Alberta, and Toastmasters. Harvey is also a member of the Mankind Project, a men’s organization dedicated to personal improvement and community service. His mission is to help people bring more power and joy into their lives. He enjoys music, mountain hiking, travel, movies, red wine, and sharing with friends. He lives in Edmonton, Alberta CANADA.

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Take Home Tip from author and speaker Randy Rolfe: Emotional intelligence is mostly learned from parents. So take the time to process your own reactions as a parent and try to respond constructively and authentically to each situation with your child. Modeling emotional intelligence is the best way to help kids develop it themselves. Imitation is the greatest teacher - especially between parent and child. Pick up a copy of the new edition of my book THE SEVEN SECRETS OF SUCCESSFUL PARENTS and you will find oodles of examples of situations where emotional intelligence comes into play. And get a copy of Harvey's book while you are at it: THE OTHER KIND OF SMART, Simple Ways to Boost Your Emotional Intelligence for Greater Personal Effectiveness and Success.

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